running away to join the circus

April 8, 2008

this is day two. Day one went like this. No wait, day minus one. Woke up still under the impression that I was waiting for the Canadian visa to come through. Well I was still waiting but I didn’t know it was already ready. Had been since the 25th. Which was just as well because that was when we, my light and Daniel and me were on holiday in plett. The so called last holiday before our departure for a long time. So, precious time. But day minus one started with consulting my list to see that everything I had planned to get together for my departure had been realized; my list of chores I had set myself and lets face it had been set for me by my light in order for her to endure the time of being deserted for over a year. Things like house security and things like that. Pretty much all of which I had done. So a couple more to complete. And also me getting concerned because the time was drawing near when the deadline for departure would arrive and no news from the consulate.

Anyway back to the beginning. The day started at dawn with tea from my light. And some time staring out the window at the garden that fills me with joy and slight despondency; beautiful and too big  and typical of a whitey in sa. But the birds are enough to distract one as they bustle for time in the water feature come bird bath we placed especially in our view.

 Then up with cereal etc to get the bowels going. Stand up hold in the gut and try not to scratch the excema behind my knee which has flared up in the last month or two. Also in my elbow. On the left. What is that? A healer at st francis health spa told me once there was something wrong with my left side especially my left testicle. That got me worried. I’d always been a little sensitive about my testicles; thought they were too small and shrinking because I masturbated so much as a pubescent; but then got to see some others and got over it. Especially because before any of my friends I started to breed. My balls worked. Only too well. But this is beside the point. Up to the loo hold in the damn stomach which has started to flab, pee and dress.

 First job; get everyone to say goodbye to Phoebe.

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