getting into the saddle on planet circus

June 1, 2008

Its Monday may 19. How long have we been here? Time is weird on this planet. Last night ran through the first half of the show and it felt good. Scary and exciting to be in the midst of all this highly choreographed chaos in which a false move or a missed cue in a very real way endangers the lives of performers around you. At the same time one has to take care of the performance to contribute to the creative balance of the show. Had two make up training session in two days and feel like now I am close to mastering the very complex eleven stage process. A thorough haircut and false moustache and eyebrows complete the Pepper image and I am looking very forward to my first integration on Thursday 22nd. We run the second half tonight before the show. I think it is very frustrating for the ‘old’ artists who were in the show from the beginning to have to spend so much time now in rehearsal to get the newbies in. But they do not inflict this frustration on us. The only thing we get is generous clear support and encouragement.  Getting hotter here it was at least 104 farenheit yesterday that’s about what…40 degrees Celsius… but spent most of the day in the theatre anyway. Walking home at nine-ish the air was still devil’s fart hot. I thought it got cold at night in the desert?


The third weekend of being here. I landed in the middle of the first one. Tomorrow off too. What a week. Two run throughs in performance conditions of the first half and then the second yesterday. Very informative instructive. Shadowed a stage manager the night before then Craig who is playing Sgt Pepper now last night. Got my makeup down by doing some study in the afternoon. Practice with dry brushes and arranging brushes and product in prep for application. Stephen the make up designer and coach is much happier and gives me the go-ahead to do the make-up for inclusion on Thursday. But it’s clear that Friday is a better idea if we have some time to practice blind Thursday and then have a run on Friday of the second half. Then go on Friday night first show. Tomorrow we meet also with Elizabeth to agree to the rental of her house.


Need to start thinking about transport; Daniel healthily advises we refer to what public transport there is. Before we both find scooters to ride or bicycles or whatever. The spirit of the players is great. The old performers some of whom have been in since creation and now have to spend a good deal of days in unpaid overtime to allow rehearsal of the new artists. Okay they are under contractual obligation to come but they do so with such good spirit. This also has to do with their safety and yours and the quality of the show. But the level of commitment to training and skills is humbling. As well as the generosity of spirit. Sorry, these are old second hand thoughts you’ve heard before. Like dead farts blown up by the air con from the three thousand rooms of some monstrous hotel in the middle of a desert at 107 degrees.

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