playtime on planet circus

June 2, 2008

It’s Thursday morning 22nd May and we are back at work today. The mid-week week end was welcome and required. Even moreso for the other artists performing twice a night. Well spent in sloth plus some work on Halo for Brink , grocery shopping, banking and meeting with Elizabeth and agreeing to lease her house from June when she leaves the show and goes back to Quebec City. The weather cooler yesterday. Quiet days and nights.



Okay it’s now Sunday night and I have played the show six times. After tomorrow night it will be eight times. Not even one week. And the year having not even started. But who cares? We are being paid for these shows at performance rates. (Aren’t we? Check with Daniel where this information came from. Rumour? Certainly nothing of it volunteered to one as an artist.) Or rather shall I call us artistes… just to be French and pretentious. Any way where was I? Yes six shows three nights. Getting to know the company and I suppose them getting to know me. Certain people who greet one and certain people who don’t. I try to look at every one in the eye straight away to open the channels for engagement. Some feel comfortable with this and some don’t. That’s one of the things I miss about theatre; the looking in each other’s eyes. The genuine re-awakening every night of technically structured and emotionally genuine and ‘true’ moments of physical performance/expression and interaction and complicite. While I say this, whenever I make contact with any of the other performers on stage, there is true commitment to the present moment and the context of the show at that moment. So the joy of this interaction is present where you find it. And you start to get to know in who’s eyes to look for it. But these moments are fleeting and lack the detailed complexity of theatre interactions.


As character in circus, you work with the few people in the audience who have perversely decided to allow their focus to stay with you while these other extraordinary people are doing mind-bendingly beautiful physical poems of acrobatic art. These acrobatic, dance and physical and visual and technical performances which exist on the sheer honesty of a shared present time experience with incredibly high stakes. The possibility of it going wrong means serious injury if not almost certain death for the performer. But the beauty lies in the performer’s attitude of complete commitment to the physical and emotional experience of the action. And so practiced and honed so as to free the observer from any perception of technique as an element of their experience



I don’t understand gambling. I am just too fucken stingy. To give away the practical fact of even five dollars in the pocket for the rush and tumble of the dice/cards/wheel is absurd. Especially in a structure which amply illustrates the fact that the management is the ultimate and constant winner. Walking through the gambling lounge of the Mirage it’s exactly like my first experience of Sun City.


I read this and hear myself being very judgmental but seriously folks…what the fuck. How can you possibly choose to want to spend your holidays in expensive hotels pretending that you are in the movies or the soaps and living the life of Riley. (whoever the hell Riley was) Often on credit … pretending that life is still worth lying for. There is desperation in the eyes of people here.Maybe I’m just imagining it. But I don’t think so.

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