a thousand and one nights on planet circus

July 16, 2008

So a few nights ago was the celebration or the performance rather of the 1000th show of love the one thousandth performance of LOVE since premier. And about four of the cast had performed in every single show. Some cause for celebration. There was a cabbage with pieces of tropical fruit skewered into it and a sign saying congratulations or something. During the show the artists themselves set up a meeting at an Irish pub (the Crown and Anchor for fucks sake) and we are getting a lift with Nate and Keisha. We are all a bit iffy about going.  Keisha has had a crap night in her role as hostess for the Cirque Tapis Rouge VIP programme and part of her job is to offer free tickets to people in the foyer. This asshole looks her up and down and asks her if she is offering services of a professional nature, (not to put too fine a point on it). This could be the same guy whom Nate encountered in the audience during animation when he Foolishly scatters large rose petal confetti over selected members of the audience and mister crap moth-eaten-mohican responds by demanding to know ‘What the fuck you think you doing asshole?!’ and Nate flees for a moment very wisely and then on consideration of the situation; he is in full costume with exaggerrated eye brows, and full make up, he returns and covers the asshole with a fistful of confetti.


So he’s also pissed off at audiences but by this time I have also made it known that this the 12th of July and is also the thirty third anniversary of our marriage. Nine hours ahead in SA but in universal time the same, so we decide to go. And we walk in the pub and then the fact that it is an Irish pub becomes significant; of course they will be showing the Setanta channel which plays all the Tri Nation rugby matches and today, in fact three minutes from walk in, is the kick off of the second match between SA and New Zealand. What could we do but sit at the bar opposite the screen and watch with loud mouths and the odd beer? So we watch as SA and All Blacks battle it out. What a night. I knew Janet was watching and screaming as loud as me a thousand, no, ten thousand miles away. What an anniversary present to us from the universe. This weird link. We both hate the politics associated with rugby but will religiously watch the Boks if it becomes available. I don’t go out and find it but if I’m watching it… it’s more than exciting. I love it. And the rest of the pub couldn’t but see this. I said to Nate and Keisha at half time, anytime you want to go I’m ready but they chose to stay for whatever reason. So we watched the whole match and would you believe it, we won! A startlingly brilliant try from Rickie January and some outstanding defense from the Boks and we came out on top. Very exciting. Also fun explaining to the other members of the cast the rules of the game. I think they also saw us in a new light, as a good deal of unseemly behaviour and cursing and swearing and hands raised and faces dropped into hands was displayed. Keisha said it had been entertaining as they give a lift home. And then called Janet and had a brief discussion some anniversary wishes and surface analysis of the game. ‘We’ll talk more later.’ Then bed.


Thirty three years.

One Response to “a thousand and one nights on planet circus”

  1. Tamara Says:

    wow. congratulations. it was an awesome game!
    and i have tagged you. someone tagged me (www.fleeingmuses.blogspot.com), and it means i have to choose 5 blogs i love to read and say why. and then i guess you have to do the same. but i only chose one (you) and maybe i’m breaking some sort of blogiquette but who cares. not much time for endless blog browsing, and i’m sure the same applies to you. so there you go – you’ve been tagged.

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