transports of delight on planet circus

July 27, 2008

What do you mean where have I been?

Spent the first day of a weekend trying to obtain a car. Went to the new car dealer and received a luke-warm reception from a tall man with 3 and a half pounds of gum in his mouth which he generously shared with me as he spoke. BUT having invited me in and sat me down right next to the “we treat our customers like an honoured guest” sign and as I began to describe my situation and needs his eyes tended to sneak off my eyes and past my head onto someone else behind me. Accompanied by the odd ‘Hm. Hm. Yeah’ as he vainly tried to convince me that he was interested in me he finally had to say ‘excuse me one moment’ and then left me sitting alone at the table.. (long and familiar story short in the context of car salesmen), he consulted a superior within my sight and their discussion was punctuated by several glances over the shoulder in my direction as they spoke the secret code. His return was accompanied by some scribbled down figures and general lack of helpfulness. I walked out and strode down to the used car lot. A great deal of care taken and information and so was very close to buying a 1999 model GM Saturn. The cheques wouldn’t clear til tomorrow so I took a walk home. This was about five miles. This was well spent time striding comfortably through the suburban areas of LV. A storm cloud vaguely threatening in the west. This is monsoon season they say. So the heat not bad. But time to think and it struck me that if we wait another day or so we will have another week’s salary to work with, so we determined to cancel the sale and return to the dealer and get some proper attention tomorrow or even better Thursday when we have money. So the drama of car getting develops apace.

We were due to go to Zumanity but unfortunately Tal’s friends and girlfriend Shawna arrived in time to take the tickets he had originally drawn for them. So Daniel and I went for a supper to the Grape Café up the road. Café specializing in wines. Very nice pizza for Dan and roast veg sandwaich for myself. This was after a nap in the afternoon. In fact when I arrived back from my walk home, I lay down with a book and a beer and woke up with a shock ten minutes later and a crotch full of ice cold beer. I fell asleep with the beer in my hand which poured into my lap. Wish that had been filmed.



On the work front things are looking up considerably since the arrival of Don the new acting coach. Well I say new but he worked on the creation. He and his wife Val have moved to Vegas from Montreal to take up this position. He has great experience in theatre and his notes are like gold… wells in the desert. He takes real care and has the language and the vision to really work towards detailed performances and is brave enough to make changes. A very gentle manner but vision clearly expressed. We had a session with Gina Lolly or was it Lali, who grew up in Brooklyn and was the first American woman to study both Kathakali and Bharatanatya Indian dance in the fifties. Very introductory course of an hour to some of the principles of Indian dance. She also studied with Etienne Decroux and with Tom Leabhart whose writings have been central in my study of mime.


We go to supper tonight with Eugen and his family at which we are promised a view of his theatre and perhaps will share some performances. He also promises his daughter will play for us she is a very accomplished musician. His wife is a music teacher. Can’t wait. 

One Response to “transports of delight on planet circus”

  1. charlotte Says:

    Hi andrew, sounds pretty frustrating in parts. I am just wondering if you managed to get to see Dani? You don’t mention her but she did send me an e-amil a little while ago saying that she had got in touch with you and that you were going to see her show on tuesday. XXXXXXXXXX

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