ritual and red rock throwers on planet circus

September 11, 2008

Every day now I carry out a kind of psychological strategy for the afternoon and evening. Ritual of warm up, training, make up, wardrobe and technical preparation, focus and perform. Then eat, rest, technical prep and perform again.. The first show for nothing. Just as a gift to the universe. Without demands without baggage. This one I owe you. This one I do for love. The next I earn and expect my money. The captivating rhythm of ritual. It is the repeated performance of a ritual with witnesses. Every night full out. Twice a night. Full out. But with different motivating engines providing the identical performance. Stupid actor’s psychological games.

So there we are at Red Rock, Luke, Casha, Daniel and me and we are pretty tired but with a day to spend in the only redeeming feature of Las Vegas which is getting out of Vegas and we take the drive and pay the five dollars entry into th conservation area around these amazing geological features. Jutting out of the grey green and brown landscape are several mountains made from the reddest rock you could think of. Bright in the desert sun and with a whole range of shades and nuances, the rocks, eroded into fantastical shapes make for an unearthly environment. We walk in the least populated spot which is hard to find because we have come on a weekend or at least a holiday. Was it labour day or something? And the place is crowded. And we walk through this other worldly dry and red and fractally carved and erosion sculpted place. Wind erosion makes deep scoops out of the cliff face. We settle for a while then Luke gets impatient and climbs / scrambles up the slopes of this hill on the other side of this dried up river bed we are sitting close to. And seeing him far up the other side and watching him go I gain confidence and then energy and follow. The slope is at 45 degrees ish and so not hard to scramble. And Daniel and Casha get smaller and smaller sitting on the banks next to the weird erosion shapes in the red rock. Then Luke and I descend after some very deft mime communication with Daniel about the best route. As we arrive there is a group of three or four people who have decided to throw rocks at the rock face across the river bed. Now these river beds are bendy twisty and there is quite a lot of vegetation around which severely limits one’s view of one’s surrounds and how many people might be walking through that very river bad as you are throwing rocks into. The place is over run by sight see-ers and these include a number of small children. So they could be anywhere at any time. But no these four arseholes crammed into one big state of arseholity keep throwing big rocks; competing to see if one of them can hit a erosion indent on the opposing cliff some fifteen, twenty feet away. We express our opposition and outrage. Luke seems the closest to actually going over there and asking them to think more clearly or at least about other people. But before we can do this they desist and retire. I was aware of feeling all superior; at least my children can see the stupidity of rock throwing in a public place. If I didn’t have children then the world would have already been taken over by the rock throwers.

2 Responses to “ritual and red rock throwers on planet circus”

  1. Drew i love the insights & wandering on travels [both mental & physical] w you.
    Please consider co9nti8nuing when home.
    the little baboon film on its way
    warm lov

  2. Heike Says:

    Dear Andrew,
    You don’t know me, but I have always been a huge fan of yours, albeit desperately out of the loop since leaving SA several years ago. (I haven’t even been able to catch a performance of Truth in Translation because I was in Edinburgh the year BEFORE you guys.) I was at WITS with Nick Boraine and at school with Nathalie Gmür (who has just had a baby in New Zealand).
    I am based in Paris but am currently in New York City doing pieces by EA Poe and I met a young actor who invited me to a sneak preview showcase extract from a play he is writing. It follows hot on the heels of the first play he did “Uranus – a play about human waste” and is called “Neptune” and deals with water. He is in the process of developing an entire planet series dealing with ecological questions. Anyway, his work and his artistry and craft and physicality reminded me of you, right away. This kid is amazing… and he’s doing exactly your kind of work! An American Andrew Buckland. I told him about you (gushed profusely, I should say) and this lead me to look for you on google and LOOK what I found! I love how the internet makes people so accessible and gives me a chance to write to you and be able to read your musings. Thank you for your work, I look forward to seeing you perform again and perhaps our paths will cross on-stage one day. xxheike

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