view of home from planet circus

March 24, 2009

unbelievable that a government with the history of the anc has chosen to refuse a visa to the dalai lama. shameful bullshit spouted about his presence distracting the peace conference from the soccer?!! And the conference created to display to the world the fact of south africa’s history of supporting self determination and human rights causes but one of the major voices on the planet in support of human rights is denied permission to visit the country?!! oh yes. beautiful. poetic.

4 Responses to “view of home from planet circus”

  1. headshotphotographer Says:

    How is it going at the circus? I always love to read your impressions on your stay in this amazing company.

  2. jennie Says:

    Lost your email and was feeling so out of touch with what must be happening with you and your soleil adventure. I heard bits from Lara but nothing substantial. So – thank you for the blog for filling in the gaps.Am jealous! Of all the new stuff and the growing and learning. The envelop must be bursting!!
    email me

  3. Tim Stevenson Says:

    Hey there Andrew, in case you wonder who I am I will use the only phrase I can think of – Guesseightyfete. I hope this rings a bell. I am so pleased to see you are still well and clowning around. Tim

  4. tim Says:


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