temporal distortions, time running down and unneighbourly dogs on planet circus

April 24, 2009

Right so back to the keyboard. Bin a while. As I tried to indicate. With Janet here all time was given to experience life and little to reflect and comment and record etc. but here I am again, reflecting and recording and commenting like a bumblebee in a handbag. We have about 68 more shows on this contract so I am moving from saying to myself every night after specific acts…’ one less time I have to do that’. To saying aloud…’ damn only get to do that 57 more times.’  Doing the show now seems to take one into a timeless space absolutely specific to the scene. This is not the 100th time of this scene. But this is THIS scene; as if its continually running without one in a timeless space and I just step into it for a while each night. Each time it’s the one and only time the scene happens but it’s continuous. Very zen. (loud fart from the fool) every time I step on stage for each scene it’s like it’s the first time and last and only time the scene is ever or has ever been played. Ja well sometimes okay…ah yess. Nice to get some of this pretentiousness out again. It’s refreshing after having it all bottled up inside. The show is looking apparently very good. It’s certainly feeling like a better show than when we joined. I am loving the stilts and Korean ropes form a really nice focus for me for the end of the show. Feel a bit more like doing the curtain call after them. A bit more legitimate taking a curtain call at the end of a circus having done some actual circus sort of stuff, you know.. ‘ that’s the guy who climbed the ropes like that…’ ‘Which guy? What ropes? When?‘


The neighbours dogs; the one a rottwieler and the other a husky. What a pair. Gave us endless hours of trouble while Janet was here. We have never seen them being taken out of their enclosure for a walk and are consequently bored shitless. So one night they were particularly troublesome and we think it’s when the owners are away. So they get fed by having some dry dog-food poured into their bowls which are carefully tossed down away from the dog shit which COVERS the stony dry ground. It is never cleared up. Then the husky has a nibble on his food and watches the rotty spread his out in a halo of korrels around the bowl. Then he moves in and lies near the rotty just close enough to get up his nose. The rotty, a bit dim, can’t stand this and begins a long gurgling growl punctuated by a short burp-bark which is supposed to scare the husky off. The husky just looks back at him and smiles… ‘I’m going to eat that food the minute you turn your back, sucker’. ‘ uuuuuurrrghh no you bladdy not ! get away or I’ll bite your face off! Eeaauurgh, look at these teeth you little Alaskan freak eeeuuuaargh!!!’. This will repeat and continue for anything up to three or four hours and is particularly entertaining between the hours of eleven pm and two am. We scream out the window trying to wake the owners shut up the dogs who look up at us in amazement that anyone has actually paid them attention and then carry on. I think they miss Janet as she used to stick her head out of the window from our upstairs bedroom window which looks diagonally down over the dogs enclosure and chat to them or insult them as she brushed her hair. Also shaking out the rugs they really enjoyed for a while until that too became predictable and short lived. I am finally driven at two am to throw off the duvet and stomp to the window and howl like King Lear into the las vegas suburban night; “Hey!! I am going fucking crazy here!! Will you please shut up the damn dog!!” Dogs silent in amazement. Nothing from the house. Two hours later as they launch into a reprise, finds me stamping downstairs in dressing gown and moccasins, which serve as slippers, and going to talk to them over the fence. I try reason. They stare at me blankly, I explain in no uncertain terms how bad they are and what will happen to them if they don’t be quiet so that my wife can get some sleep. The husky gets down disappears into the roughly built plywood shed they have for a shelter. The night explodes to the sound of a truly committed and teeth popping dog fight in which he seriously now tells the rotty off. A good dressing down. And then pops up again for approval. Then… silence. For at least three hours. A Circus?!! Ha! They are like a canine guerrilla theatre group. With a captive audience.

One Response to “temporal distortions, time running down and unneighbourly dogs on planet circus”

  1. Duncan Says:

    Good to have you back Andrew, you were missed!

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