buffalo wings bicycles and other past-times

August 20, 2009

Okay so this last weekend I took my jump suit and altimeter to the skydiving club and donated them. I think I have finished with skydiving for the moment. Hey look,  I got my A license and 52 jumps. But I haven’t jumped for two years to the day. And now I am no longer a skydiver. There I said it. I used to keep calling myself a skydiver even though I wasn’t current and wasn’t planning to go jump any time soon. Why stop? Complicated… no, very simple it’s very expensive. Way too expensive for me to…. Hell it’s like over two hundred rand a… okay fine. I’ll tell you but don’t tell anyone else, okay? The fact is that the last four or five jumps I had started to lose confidence in my landing skills. Too often flaring too early and then having a big drop to the ground. No smooth step off the air platform and onto the ground like off a chair. And the last jump, following other jumpers who were ahead and following their timing instead of paying attention to my own altitude, forward speed etc, turned into the wind way too late and finding myself swooping and dropping rapidly and only the very strong wind saved me from plummeting. This pointed out to me, not that I hadn’t noticed, by Tony, one of the outstanding instructors here at East Cape Skydivers, who took me aside and asked if I knew what I had just done and how lucky I was that the wind was pumping. This simple basic mistake. I thought;  ‘I am not going up again until I have done another refresher course on canopy piloting and landing. The free fall was always bliss but after the canopy deployed… okay, but not what I was after. And then the last few jumps put doubts in my head about my ability and the risks involved. The smallest slightest miscalculation and the consequences are somewhat. So trying to balance it out I was drawn towards the conclusion that I should stop. At least for a while… okay so the short version is I lost my nerve. But when anyone asks you I’d be grateful if your version is closer to the  ‘it’s too expensive’ narrative. Is that a deal? Thanks. Wouldn’t want anyone to know I had actually stopped because I was scared or anything… imagine.

Maybe I’ll go back to it some time when I have more money… yeah right. No really, I would start again from scratch and really concentrate on piloting and landing skills before ever getting into freefall bliss again. Ooh just talking about it gets me all excited again. I used to drive home for the drop zone my face an unwipable smile. The wind tunnel just ain’t the same, Freddie. The jump out of the plane into space is incomparable. Not an adrenalin rush. Too much concentration and concentrated time. Focus. Ah well. We’ll see if I find my skydive mojo sometime or… yes, that’s it; get some more expendable income to toss out the window of a plane. I am ready for an unpoised exit from the plain and freefalling into some new performance  adventures. Pay no attention to the fast growing web site called ‘Andrew the Chicken-Wing.’   I’m a buffalo-wing.

 And now I’m a buffalo wing on a bicycle. I bought one, yesiree. Sold the car to Daniel and bought a bike. We’re a one car family.


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