laugh the buffalo

October 21, 2013

laugh the buffalobaxter til nov 30th. a new work. a baby. well, a toddler.  Funny looking back at posts from 2009. Buffalo even then, but laugh the buffalo was something very different then. Thank goodness. Also went through the infecting the city machine in 2010. not an experience I want to mull over too much. A maturing experience. Bent the buffalo’s horns a bit. But not as much as acting like a Head of Department of Drama at Rhodes for three years. Even more maturing. But clarifying. Both horns buckled and bruised. But survived. Now I am given a great gift of time to work at what makes sense. Hallo Julia.

One Response to “laugh the buffalo”

  1. Cannot wait to see it sometime.
    And cannot wait to do what you are doing with your inspiring life

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