okay so i’m fifty four, married to a knee trembler, three sons, two granddaughters. Have worked in theatre as writer,actor,theatre maker,and teacher for some twenty eight years and now have been offered a contract with Cirque du Soleil working for a year in Las Vegas in the show about the Beatles; LOVE. My youngest son Daniel working in the same show. we have a running gag. People ask him; where are you going? To Las Vegas. Why? Because I’m in LOVE with my father.

3 Responses to “journal of a fool”

  1. charlotte Says:

    Trying again to send a comment to you. Let me know if you get this. /very exciting what you are doing!

  2. Philip Says:

    Found the blog. Hope the melting crud is fading and that you are getting some hints of spring

  3. Hi Drew, ok this part ‘journal of a fool’ answers one of m questions yesterday. i had great fun yesterday browsing thru “cirque’s” various web site. hadnt realised there were many cirques.fascination. tho takes long time todownload videos.
    Explain what you & D do/what parts?
    Warm love

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